Windows 10 November 2019 Update, version 1909: Update Assistant install tutorial


Windows 10 tutorial: Steps to upgrade to Windows 10 November 2019 Update, version 1909, using the Update Assistant tool. On “November 18,” the Update Assistant tool install available for any version of Windows 10 without the need to use Windows Update. This means that tou can ignore the last step in the video.
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  1. Heads up everyone (update 2): The Update Assistant to install the November 2019 Update on any release of Windows 10 is now available. So, no longer need to use Windows Update switch versions after the upgrade. Download link in the video description. Thanks,

  2. Can someone help me,Everytime I update it it restarted and gets stuck to 7% then it gets off,when I turn it on it says "undoing changes made to your computer" and then it opens like nothing happened

  3. After pause the update in update assistant.can i swtcd off the laptop ?
    I mean can it started from that paused position or again from starting ?

  4. Hi there, I use windows 10 1809, i tried to upgrade to 1909 but it tells me to contact system administrator to upgrade windows server or enterprise editions

  5. It has been stuck at downloading 100 % since forever now. It is very frustrating. It is stuck while rapidly consuming data, giving no clue of how much time is left whatsoever. What am I supposed to do? How can I cancel it?

  6. Very Very Thanks Bro…….First Video That Works….. Great Appreciation To You😃……..But Now Can I Uninstall The Update Assistant…..My Updating Is Completed….😍

  7. so i have the old version before 1904, and i decided to install 1909 from the old version. And now its stuck at downloading 100%, any way to fix this?? (Using from the settings app)

  8. Hi Pureinfotech I had bsod when trying to install 1903 version update back in May…I had to reinstall my system .I have AMD ryzen 5 2400 G…is it safe to install with update assistant new version 1909 for my system im currently on 1607 version???

  9. I have a problem when its done it restarts and start updating then it restarts at around 30% and then says undoing changes to your computer and doesnt update happened everytime I tried
    I am on build 1803

  10. Hi, i have 1903 version but it doesn't update to 1909 version.I tried update assistant and it tells me that i have the latest update for windows 10 but on "about" menu it says that i have 1903 version.What can i dο?

  11. After trying to update from 1809 to 1903 for 5 times in the last months, I tried this week with the new 1909 using this update assistant. Same result: the update goes through but upon login I get a black desktop with mouse upon logging in. Task bar and explorer completely frozen and crashing, preveting desktop to come up and rendering the PC unusable. Task manager won´t come up. Tried everything I found in the forums, in place upgrade with all clean boot start, unistalling drivers, all USB/BT disconnected, safe mode, multiple restarts, etc. etc. Nothing works. I´m back in 1809 which works flawlessly. Very frustrating, it´s the first time I have problems with a Windows update 🙁

  12. Heads up everyone! The Update Assistant to install the November 2019 Update will be available on November 18. Thanks
    ikjadoon for the info.

  13. Attention everyone!!! I'm reading comments about problems updating from 1903 to 1909. Watch the video before proceeding to use the tool, you'll save yourself some typing in the comments. As the videos states, up to this point, Microsoft hasn't updated the Update Assistant to update 1903 to 1909, because both version a virtually the same with some minor changes. You should only use the tool to update version 1809 or older. If you're in version 1903, use Windows Update to install the new version as your installation already has all the new changes, it only needs a patch to enable the new features and switch versions. Thanks,

  14. Sir when i am downloading this 9252 version update assistant it is showing nothing …. It's telling me that my pc is on latest version

  15. I was unable to perfom the same task follow by this tutorial on my laptop.. it say, I got the latest update.. but it is still 1903 .. I did restart and update multiple time with same result getting 1903 version

  16. Thank you for information. I have already upgraded the Windows 10 1909. Thank you so much again.


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