Yoplait Yogurt NEEDS to change… – Save the Squirrels Initiative


I just COULDN’T keep my mouth shut anymore. Yogurt cups should be about pleasure and probiotics, not death and destruction. There MUST be a change. #NOWAYYOPLAIT



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  1. idubbbz i love you and im not trying to be in any way disrespectful, also i dont even know if this would work it just seems like a logical thing to do. crush it like you would crush a can you bumbling baffoon, not like your making a damn accordion. like i said im not even sure if it would keep its shape and prevent the rodent trap problem but just dont do what you did ever again, thank you xo

  2. I would be in this army. Are weapons already provided?? My preferred weapon is an AR–15 with a chainsaw bayonet.

  3. I love your rhetoric, your sarcasm, your cynicism, your playful nature of going all out on everyone's flaws and bullshit.

  4. What if they make a zen egg design it's a bowl of yoplay and it doesn't tip over by the weight at the bottom but also has a large opening so squirrels won't get stuck

  5. They wouldn’t die from starvation I doubt maybe dehydration. Cause they can’t eat with it on there heads might save them and then then will lose weight and escape. Dehydration is a different problem

  6. Take the ring around the bottom and put it on the other yoplait cup. It doesn't hold a spoon? Make it bigger. We have plenty of plastic on Earth, let's put it to use


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