Zos – Part 1 – INDIE QUESTS


Asvegren and Minotaur are back with their brand new game, Zos. Join me on my journey through other worlds to stop a giant evil fish thingy using my powerful glass bottles filled with liquid (It’s cooler than I make it sound!). You can play the game for yourself through the link below.


You can find the creators’ other stuff through the links below as well:

Asvegren: Programmer
Home Website:
Newgrounds Profile:
Twitter Account:

Minotaur – Graphics and Art
Home (Art) Website:
Newgrounds account:
Website featuring work:

Wandchrank – Music
Newgrounds account:
Youtube account:

And for the opening, I’d like to give a big thanks to Gazp. Check out his stuff through the link below.


Nguồn: https://taibangoc.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://taibangoc.com/game/


  1. It's a pretty good game. I was amused by all the Morrowind references, especially when the guy fell down from the sky. Zos game on hudgames is cool

  2. Wow! Not nearly as good as Zos, but still one of the best games on Hudgames! Nice work man, I have been waiting for something like this!

  3. awesome!

    unfortunately i'll have to take 'credit' for the bug (and not your play style) – it actually would have happened to everyone getting to that stage. so thanks for highlighting it!

    a lot of the names are meaningless, but some of them have hidden (some better than others) meanings. for instance, Oblivian Bloodgrass is a thinly veiled tribute to the alchemy system in the Elder Scrolls (there is an ingredient called Bloodgrass in Oblivion).

    merry christmas!


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